Iris Saxby

27th October 2019

Thinking about food waste

Whilst researching about the environment and food waste I thought heavily about older generations and their contribution to global warming. In particular my Auntie Iris. My Grandad calls her from ‘the old stock’ meaning that she was very old fashioned and very much a product of her time. Something that has struck me with younger generations and people my age is that we are quite wasteful. If we buy food and we don’t want to eat it we can throw it away. My Grandparents and Iris (my Grandad’s aunty even though she was only 10 years older than him) are the least wasteful people I know. I think this is because of their upbringing and when they group up. From when they were born up to their early teens food in the UK was rationed. So they did not have a choice or the opportunity to be wasteful.

However this has stuck with my Grandparents all their lives, my Nan using leftover vegetables from a Sunday roast for bubble and squeak the next day, the chicken in a curry which she’d freeze. She repurposes everything. Everything is used up, if she has to waste food she absolutely can’t stand it. My Auntie Iris whenever we went to Dymnchurch or Margate for the day with my Grandparents we’d take her to the arcade and buy her fish and chips. If she didn’t finish her chips she would take them back to her little flat on the estate and freeze them – and re fry them the next day for tea. I used to think it was hilarious as chips are probably the cheapest and most filling meal you can get but she just couldn’t bring herself to waste food.

Compared to the 1940’s and 50’s, I feel that because Generation Z have generally grown up where food is in abundance (I am not saying this for every person) perhaps we are more wasteful because of this. I personally can be guilty for throwing leftovers away, or witnessed my boyfriend throw a plates worth of pasta away because he can’t measure properly. I feel that old people might have a smaller carbon footprint due to their lack of engagement with technology (less interested in trends, fast fashion, hyper consumerism with things like phones etc).

After doing a lot of research I think that food waste is something niche that could be focused on. I think that trying to change someone’s whole perspective on the environment in one two minute video could be a stretch for me. Therefore, by creating a video on something specific, that really does impact the environment a lot it is something easy that people can focus on.


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