Vitamin D

Friday 14th December 2018


To gain inspiration for my project I decided to look at the book ‘Vitamin D: New Perspectives in Drawing’ written by . ‘Vitamin D’ describes itself as a ‘global up to date survey on drawing today’. I am always open to looking at other artwork and forever inspired by other artists so I thought it would be a good idea to have a look at a book focused on drawing! I picked out some artwork by artists in the book who I was inspired by. Not all of the book inspired my creative appetite, however those who have I am very interested in.

Raymond Pettibon:

Born in Tuscon, Arizona. Juxtaposes text and imagery. I think that I was drawn to Pettibon’s work as I think I like the way that he uses line, and ink strokes. I am also interested by his use of text, and the relationship that the text has with the image. I feel that on its own an image can create a statement, however often it is ambiguous what the meaning is. 

NO TITLE (First It Bends) 2003:

I picked out this piece as I found it very bold and intriguing. I like how bold the strokes are. The textures that are on the pint glass are beautiful, and I think that the artist has carefully considered line work here, making sure that the lines add tone too and shadow. I also like how the reflection has been executed, the brush extending over the water. I find it interesting how the artist has added text to the illustration. It contrasts heavily to the image as it is light and thin, in comparison to the thick, dark ink lines on the drawing. I do not particularly understand the text, however I think it is effective as usually when text is added to an image it is there to explain the image if it is ambiguous. However I think that the text just makes the image even more ambiguous – which is interesting!
IMG-7033 (1)

Elizabeth Peyton:

Elizabeth Peyton is an American painter/artist. A lot of her artwork is based on photographs from magazines, books, videos and personal shots. These are usually rock stars, loved ones and historical figures. Her use of a bright palette enhances her subjects, portraying them as softer and delicate. What attracted me to her work was the bright colour scheme used and the texture of the pencil marks. 

Keith (2004):

At first when I saw this image I did not automatically think that it was Keith Richards. I think that this is because I think of the older Keith Richards rather than when he was younger. I definitely feel that the brighter colour palette makes Keith Richards look a lot softer and more relaxed. The mixture of cool and warm tones (orange vs blue) gives a relaxed and calm feel to the piece. Even though the image is probably taken from a magazine as it is where Peyton gains a lot of her imagery from, his expression of contemplation adds to the delicacy and tranquility of the piece. The use of negative space is also clever, as it means that the piece is not over powering. 


img-7037 (2)


Overall I feel that looking at these pieces has inspired me to think about colour palette in particular, perhaps think more closely when creating a concept? For example planning out a palette on a piece of paper rather than diving straight in. Negative space and line work is another thing that I think that I want to consider. 




Drawing In Places

Thursday 22nd November – Drawing In Places

I thought it could be really interesting if I drew on the spot, rather than drawing after taking photographs. I feel that it is interesting to document moments in specific places. I sat in the V&A garden and captured moments I had observed. I found this really fun. I have strayed slightly from looking at places that have changed over time, to a more Roz Chast inspired approach. After actually going out and sitting in a certain place, I found it really interesting to sit, take in my surroundings and document small insignificant moments. I used pen for these and I scanned them in. 



M Sasek – This Is London

Thursday 15th November

M Sasek – This is London 

Related imageImage result for london underground m sasek

These are illustrations by M. Sasek. Whilst I was sitting on the Bakerloo, I was thinking about his illustrations of the tube and those who use it. I like how vibrant these are, I find it interesting that the colours he uses here are so different from the sort of colours I accociate with the tube now. WHenever I thnik of the tube, I think of blue, white and clinically bright lights.

Communities Of Practice – Meeting 2!

Thursday 15th November

Today I met the whole of my communities of practice group.

Mishell, Paulina and I met up to talk about our progress with our project. Firstly we showed each other what we had done and talked about our themes. Mishell and Paulina had interesting themes within the topic of ‘Reportage, time and place’. Mishell is focusing on history, and Paulina is focusing on transportation. We talked about each other’s research and how we could take each project further. Talking about each other’s projects we flung ideas at each other for what we could have a look at.

My group thought it was an interesting idea to look at places during different times of day, and we talked about how places like stations and how during rush hour you can barely move, and at other times they are practically desolate. 

I really found it useful to talk about this with my peers as talking about my ideas out loud has inspired me to go out and get some research. I plan to look at the City of London, as I go there regularly during the week as it is where my boyfriend works. We went to The Britannia on a Saturday night which is by the Monument. There was practically no one walking around,  the city goes into hibernation at the weekend. I think that I will go and gather some research relating to this, to see if it gives me any inspiration. 

Inspired by my visit to the ‘Double 6 Cafe’, I will keep looking for places that are ‘lost in time’ or have not changed over time. I feel that London changes so quickly, and to document something like that might be interesting. 


Thursday Doodles

Thursday 8th November

Bakerloo Line: 

On Thursday evening I found myself alone on the Bakerloo Line. Usually, whenever I am on the tube it is full of people and I am not usually able to take in the space around me, as I usually can’t see the space. I find it interesting how at certain times of the day parts of London are full of people and life, and at other times it is like a ghost land. I had time to take in the actual interior of the Bakerloo. Already it is my favourite tube line as its interior is the most original, and I think the way that the lights switch on and off randomly. It has a lot of character. Drawing on the tube I found rather hard as it is extremely wobbly. 

However I managed to get my brush pen out and document something. I like the idea of appreciating something that you see everyday, and take for granted. Thousands of people from different backgrounds, cultures, places etc get on the tube everyday and take the same journeys. Without people in it, it is just a shell. But is it? Can it be appreciated when it is empty? 


After travelling on the Bakerloo I went to the pub with my friends. Whenever we go to the pub somehow we always end up talking about politics. My friend’s views completely clash to my own, and every time we go out we end up having the same argument (or debate). Certain people in my group believe in one thing, and this individual has another. To get to the point every time we go out I get tired talking about the same argument every time. So this time I sat back and took in my surroundings. I looked at what was in front of me, and let the other people talk. I just absent – mindedly doodled what was on the table. I quite like this as it is incredibly basic, but it’s a microcosm of what I experienced at the pub. The ‘hmmmm’s portray my disagreement with what was being said, but my disconnection from the situation.

I think of the conversations that happen when people go to a place like the pub and I think it could be something interesting to look into. Recording places I go to could be something fun to do. I want to go out, experience stuff and record. 


Communities of Practice – Day 1

Friday 9th November

This afternoon I met up with my community of practice for Side Hustle. 

My theme is ‘Reportage, Time and Place’ and I had been placed with other students who are looking at the same theme for Side Hustle. 

We returned to the studios at 4, with some of our research that we have completed so far. I didn’t know anyone in my group so I had a walk around the studio and eventually just made a sign with ‘GROUP 14’ on it and stayed where I was. 

I met one person from my group, who was called Mishell. Mishell is from Spain and we had a quick chat about what sort of outlook we were taking on the project. Mishell said that she was looking at history (focusing more on time). She shared some of her research from the Imperial War Museum and some of the art she created from her research.

We added each other on social media in order for us to contact each other efficiently. Then we thought about which day we could meet up next week in order to discuss our research and to progress further with our work.

We contacted another girl who is supposed to be in our group but she told us she is not in the right group. Therefore, we have sought out more people as we want to be involved in a group where we can have plenty of discussions and exchange ideas!

Next week we are still going to meet unless anything changes!

Over and out.